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Minarets Poodles and their people have moved to Wheatland WY. We are in the midst of fencing, settling, unpacking, etc. We will continue exhibiting in dog performance events and are looking forward to meeting new dog enthusiasts in our new area.

Peaches Race litter 4-17-2017

Shelby Conan litter 4-25-2017

All of the puppies from the two co-owned litters have been placed in their new homes.

Peaches and Race are the proud parent of 10 pups born on April 17, 2017

Shelby and Conan are the proud parents of 8 pups born April 25, 2017.

My friend and mentor in poodles Janet V. Blannen passed away in February of 2016. Breeding the red color into the standard was one of the goals that she worked to achieve. The poodle world lost a loving, super knowledgeable person who could tell you about most of the dogs in the pedigrees from the 50's and 60's. The Alzheimer's disease that caused her loss took all of that knowledge from us. When you look at red poodles remember her registered kennel name "Palmares". She will always be the person behind Palmares Poodles.

Canela's pups---Day one


Welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy our pictures and are able to take some time to get to know our poodles.
The poodles have been adding titles in rally, obedience and tracking. They all love training and learning new skills. The PCA REGIONAL WAS FANTASTIC! LOTS OF POODLES AND LOTS OF ACTIVITIES. CANELA finished her RA on Wed at the show that PCA sponsored. Cam finished his RA at the show that the Columbia Poodle Club sponsored.

The pups on a hot summer afternoon
Nela Gyrff pups from the 2013 litter

Minarets Bandero Rojo RA

Minarets specializes in red and apricot standards.  We have puppies occasionally.  We have stud service available to approved bitches.  Our goal is to produce correct, healthy poodles who are able to bring joy to their families while they participate in a variety of activities. Our pups have been shown in breed, obedience, agility, and tracking.  Some have gone to hunting homes.  They have participated in visitations to nursing and retirement homes and obedience demos at schools. 

I am a member of Versitility in Poodles--  vipoodle.org
Red Apricot Poodle Club
Emerald Dog Obedience Club
Associate member of Columbia Poodle Club


CGC program
I have been an evaluator for the CGC program for several years.

CH Minarets Snowman CD, CGC

Dayspring Minarets Arce Rojo----Race
Race came home with us from Canada in October

Race at 18 months.
Hopefully he will be in rally this spring

Versitility in Poodles has the new activities booklet ready for sale.  Information can be found at www.vipoodle.org  There are contacts for  getting involved in activities from obedience, rally, tracking, herding, conformation, therapy, etc.  The groups that sponsor these activities are also listed.
The VIP website lists a great deal of information about poodles, their health issues, testing that is available, how to find a breeder who can help you find the right puppy.

What's New? 
My trip to PCA in 2010 was awesome.  The show was fun....Race earned his first rally advanced leg.  The rest of the trip was fantastic.  The dogs enjoyed the trip and I was able to visit with most of my family.  Traveling by RV through the country is a super way to see what a beautiful country we live in. 

All puppies are sold with an agreement that their new family will socialize and train them.  Pet puppies are sold with an agreement that they will be neutered.  Show/breeding prospects are sold with an agreement that all the available testing will be done prior to breeding.  I expect to hear from my puppy buyers whether it is a report on how the pup is doing or if there is a problem of some kind. 

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.
PHONE   541-580-3785

EMAIL underko4546@outlook.com